Verve Multi-functional Training Lead
Verve Multi-functional Training Lead
Verve Multi-functional Training Lead
Verve Multi-functional Training Lead
Verve Multi-functional Training Lead

Verve Multi-functional Training Lead

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Do you suffer with your dog pulling, losing control or criss-crossing?
Have you ever dropped the lead by mistake?
Even the fear of your kids dropping the lead and the dog getting away and into the road?
These are some of the many challenges dog lovers face daily.

Walking your dog should be therapeutic, relaxing, fun and create a bound between owner and their best friend. Training your dog whilst walking should not take that away.

That is why the Verve multi functional training lead was designed to add in all the above and more.

Easy to put on.
Comfortable to wear around your waist for hands free walking and allowing you to pull on the lead when needed to make corrections.
Its perfect for kids to use there is never the problem of the lead being pulled out of their hands. 
We have all been there when you need two hands to find or open that poo bag, for find your phone or keys, you have the confidence that your loved one is safe and attached to you around your waist.
Built into the design we have added a clip on clip off feature to convert into a traditional lead. with being 2 metres long. Your pet will feel more free and more likely to engage with you whilst you walk and training.
Most importantly it’s safe whilst your dog to walking to heel. Giving you more opportunities to relax.

As a dog trainer and desginer with over 20 years experience in the industry one of my goals is to improve the safety for dogs and everyone in the family to walk and engage with "man's best friend". 

How does it work?
Comfortable, easy to use,  safe why for training dogs, warn around your body for hands free walking. Secure & safe. Aids in  walking obedience, brain stimulation and focus training with detachable clip on clip off  into a classic lead.

With matching harness for safety and control, kind to your dogs trachea (wind pipe) giving control and support. Machine washable the set allows you to enjoy your every walk.

  • Colour: black, brown, navy blue, army green, rust, khaki, sand, olive green
  • Puppy/Toy only available in Olive Green 
  • Material: heavy duty cotton wedding  
  • Dimensions: all size dogs 2m x 25mm (L x W )
  • Training harness: 8 colours
  • Dimensions: puppy & toy breads 2m x 16mm mm (L x W ) 
  • Specialty feature: adjustable to fit comfortably around waist for hands free use
  • Machine washable
  • Easy to clean
  • Brand: Verve London multifunction range