What you need to ask yourself. 
What do you want from training your dog? 
What do you want your dog to achieve? 
We all want to have a happy puppy with good behaviour we can take anywhere without hesitation, with the correct training from Verve  you can have a dog you are proud of.
We tailor make our packages to suit your needs we can also correct any behavioural problems for  
Puppies and Dogs. 
Where necessary we even train the owners!
Training session per hour £110 
10 Hour package Plus 1 Free session £800
Our recommendation from our guru.
”When you get a new puppy, you have a blank canvas. This is your opportunity to build and create your own unique relationship via training ”
“ A Happy Dog = A Happy Owner. 
A Happy Owner = A Happy Dog. 
This is the Doggie cycle of life”

To make an appointment or change the date please call us 020 7229 1348 or use our booking form to book online in advance.